Order your compost bin before prices 'spring' up!

compbigar Published Thursday, 23rd March 2017

Worcestershire County Council is encouraging residents who are thinking about purchasing a compost bin to do so before the end of March as the prices will be increasing from April.

Currently you can buy a 220 litre compost bin for £9.99 or a 330 litre one for £11.99 plus delivery.  From 1 April these bins will be £12.99 and £14.99 respectively, but will come with free delivery (worth £5.99) as an added incentive.

Composting at home is a great way of reducing the amount of waste you throw away as well as producing lovely, organic compost for your garden, meaning no more trips to the DIY store to buy mass produced compost - you'll have it at your fingertips!

To make the best compost you need to have a good mixture of what they call "greens" and "browns".  "Greens" are things like your vegetable peelings, grass cuttings, cut flowers and other garden waste.  "Browns" are used to give it your compost bulk, so it includes things like cardboard egg boxes, newspaper or shredded paper.

Other things you may not know you can put in a compost bin: your old till receipts; the contents of your vacuum bag; coffee grinds and tea bags; sawdust from your rabbit or hamster. Just remember that you cannot put any cooked food or meat into your compost bin and it's best not to just put leaves and/or grass cuttings in too as this makes it slimy.

Richard Woodward, Waste Services Manager at Worcestershire County Council said: "Buying a bin through Worcestershire County Council is still the most cost effective way to compost at home and reduce the amount of food waste you throw away.  If you are unsure what to do, call upon one of the Council's Master Composters who can provide you with free information and advice to get the best out of your compost bin."

To buy your compost bin go to www.getcomposting.com or call 0844 571 4444. 

For more information on composting go to www.letswasteless.com. To contact the Master Composters email letswasteless@worcestershire.gov.uk.