No more wet feet in Oakleigh Avenue

pgp Published Tuesday, 14th March 2017

Pavement and drainage work should be mean fewer wet feet for residents in Oakleigh Avenue.

Worcestershire County Councillor Phil Grove stepped to help out local residents in Hallow who were fed up of having to navigate huge puddles across their pavement in Oakleigh Avenue when they wanted to get to the post office or bus stop. 

The problem, termed 'ponding', occurred every time there was heavy rain, making life a misery for people trying to get out and about. 

To solve the issue, Worcestershire Highways carried out drainage work in November 2016 to take the excess water away from the footway. 

This left a badly damaged pavement, which needed to be repaired.  Local county councillor Phil Grove who has championed the scheme then stepped to with £11,500 to help fund the repairs, which were recently completed (March 3). 

Speaking about why he had to help out, Cllr Grove, local member for Hallow said: "I recognised that these repairs were essential for local people in Oakleigh Avenue to be able to make full use of the footway.  In particular older people and children needed to be able to use these pavements free from flood water and repaired to a good standard. 

"I was very happy to give my remaining divisional fund of £11,500 to this project which will mean people can get out and about with confidence, even when it rains."