Urgent removal of trees in New Road

Tress New Road Published Friday, 10th March 2017

Work to remove unsafe common lime trees in New Road, Worcester will start Monday 13 March  

Following an independent assessment of the trees along New Road in Worcester, a decision has been made to remove up to seven trees due to concerns of over their safety.  The assessment found these seven trees are diseased and need to be removed as a matter of urgency for health and safety reasons.

The assessment was commissioned by Worcestershire County Council's Highways team  in response to concerns about the condition of the trees and ahead of a potential scheme to raise road later this year and reduce its flood risk (subject to planning permission).

Cllr Marcus Hart, Cabinet Member for Highways, confirmed the condition of the trees were worse than expected. "Scans of the trees show a worrying amount of decay due to disease.  Two of the trees were recommended to be removed within three months and a further five within six months.  In addition, a further 11 trees require urgent branch removal work," he said.

In order to minimise any potential impact on nesting birds, all of the work needs to be carried out before the end of March 2017 and the work has been scheduled to start on Monday 13 March.

He added: "The safety of road users has got to be the Highway Authority's number one priority and, while no one wants to remove these trees, it is clearly unavoidable this time.

"To maintain the leafy nature of this area, we will make sure the loss of these trees is mitigated by re-planting, in a suitable location."

The Highways Authority are liaising closely with Worcester City Council on the proposed New Road flood alleviation scheme. The City Council has planted 11 new trees in Cripplegate Park on New Road since Autumn 2015, ensuring there are high numbers of trees in this part of the city.

The planning application for the flood mitigation scheme will be made by the end of April with a decision expected in the summer.