Your Place Matters

ypm Published Tuesday, 7th March 2017

Worcestershire County Council, in partnership with Historic England, have released a new community-planning toolkit and supporting guidance.

The toolkit 'Your Place Matters' focuses on what buildings tell us about places and can support Community-Led Planning, including Neighbourhood Plans, by offering a framework to inform the location and character of new development in rural areas, based on an understanding of place, as the result of past change. 

The toolkit is supported by 'Your Place Matters: A Guide to Understanding Buildings and their Setting in Rural Worcestershire'. This complementary document provides detailed information on the broad range of rural building types and their settings, within their settlement and wider landscape.

Good design is fundamental to creating healthy and attractive places where people want to live.

The 2011 Localism Act gave new rights and powers to local communities over planning and setting the priorities for their own areas. To further support the process the Government will make further funding available to neighbourhood planning groups from 2018-2020.

'Your Place Matters' can be used by communities involved in Community-led Planning, including Neighbourhood Planning. It can also be used by those undertaking research into individual areas.

Cllr Lucy Hodgson, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Localism and Communities, said: "We're delighted to have been able to work in partnership with Historic England to produce this new local research toolkit. 'Your Place Matters' is a fantastic resource to help communities plan the future of their neighbourhoods, as well as for individuals keen to find out more about the history of locations throughout the country."

Cllr Sarah Rouse, Cllr for Alfrick and Leigh Ward at Malvern Town Council, said: “I was lucky enough to work with the team to create this advice. It is an excellent document that I think would be very useful to parish councils across Worcestershire, whether making a Neighbourhood Development Plan or not. It gives good guidelines for looking at what you have already when responding to planning applications."

Available to download from

Alternatively, contact Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service or 01905 765972.