Drivers urged to take care on the roads, as Storm Doris brings wet and windy weather

Storm Doris weather map Published Wednesday, 22nd February 2017

The Met Office has issued a warning for strong winds with heavy showers from tonight (Wednesday 22 February) and continuing tomorrow morning (Thursday 23 February)

In response to these warnings, Worcestershire Highways have put additional measures in place to keep the roads safe, including six gangs and two gulley emptiers being put on standby.  Tree contractors and key highways managers will be on standby and ford crossings will be checked.

Due to conditions, motorists are being encouraged to take extra care when driving. Poor visibility means that headlights must be used, and drivers should allow a larger gap between vehicles to allow for the increased stopping distance.

Drivers are advised to pass slowly and carefully through large puddles and areas of standing water. If motorists come across a road that has been flooded, they must not attempt to drive through the water.

Cllr Marcus Hart, Worcestershire County Council's Cabinet Member for Highways, said: "We are responding to the warnings from the MET office, to help keep our roads safe.  As always, even though we are putting special measures in place, we urge road users to drive carefully and not take any unnecessary risks."

For updates about the weather please visit the MET Office website at