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Events for 29th Aug 2017


A beautiful pink wedding dress

The dress worn by Becky Granger from Coronation Street for her wedding.

  • Date: 17th June 2017 - 9th September 2017
  • Every day
  • Time: 10:30 - 16:30
  • Location: City Art Gallery and Museum
  • Cost: Free

Personal items from the world of showbiz!

Remember that fabulous wedding dress Becky Granger wore on TV's Coronation Street? How about the coat worn in the Hollywood cult movie: 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey'? Now you have the chance to see these and even more amazing artefacts.

A remarkable one-off exhibition on tour from Ideas, brings together some of the most iconic showbiz props ever to grace the town. Normally kept locked away from public view, the immediately recognisable items will be on show for all to see. 

Star attraction in the exhibition has to be Marilyn Monroe's Little Black Dress. Who knows what glittering Hollywood events she would have worn this to? Fans of the golden days of Hollywood can also see Fred Astaire's shoes and Doris Day's exquisite rhinestone bracelet.

Visitors of all ages will instantly recognise props from some of the most famous movies; from 'Titanic' to 'The Flintstones' and 'The Addams Family'. There is also the spectacular god of mischief costume from the hilarious movie 'Son of the Mask', while for sci-fi fans there are the electro-magnetic boots from the hugely successful film 'Face Off' starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. 

But it's not just film fans who are in for a thrill. For music fans there are signed items by such stars as Chuck Berry and Oasis. There is even a Michael Jackson 'Dangerous Tour' jacket.

Families will enjoy the opportunity to dress up and play their favourite songs on the jukebox - don't forget to take a selfie! 

Characters from the Collection

An engraving of a historical boxing match on Pitchcroft in Worcester
  • Date: 18th February 2017 - 13th January 2018
  • Every day
  • Time: 10:30 - 16:30
  • Location: City Art Gallery and Museum
  • Cost: Free

This new display around the museum's atmospheric balcony cafe brings out a selection of rarely-displayed paintings from the museum collection and introduces their accompanying stories.

From film stars to artist's muses to great Worcester leaders, the Worcester City museum collection includes pictures of many interesting characters, ones you'll know and ones you won't. 

Enquiring Minds

Oil painting of picturesque hills
  • Date: 14th January 2017 - 11th November 2017
  • Every day
  • Time: 10:30 - 16:30
  • Location: City Art Gallery and Museum
  • Cost: Free

Visitors can discover and celebrate this rather special period from Worcester's past in this exhibition drawn from the museum collection and some special items on loan.

Seemingly impossible engineering feats, global wildlife explorations, early investigations into iron-age man, world-renowned artist sketching trips: all these amazing activities were happening in Worcester a hundred and fifty years ago. Worcester was a burgeoning cultural city in a busy changing landscape.

Exhibition highlights are drawings by naturalist John Gould, land- and cityscape watercolours by artist HH Lines and local artefacts discovered by famous archaeologist Pitt Rivers. 

Hartlebury Castle’s History as a WWI Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospital: 'A Happy Convalescence'

A WWI nurse's uniform
  • Date: 12th March 2016 - 1st March 2018
  • Every day
  • Time: 10:00 - 17:00
  • Location: County Museum at Hartlebury
  • Cost: Adults £5, Seniors £2.50, Children (aged 5-16) £2.50, Family Ticket £13 (admits 2 adults & 2 children)

Stories of fun, friendship and romance that offered a brief respite from the front lines for injured soldiers sent to recover at Hartlebury Castle Hospital.

The exhibition will feature real objects from the trenches, including gas masks, cigarettes and even a surgeon's kit used at the front. The exhibition has been curated from Museum Worcestershire’s collection along with loans from George Marshall Medical Museum, The Mercian Regiment Museum and from local people.

A Happy Convalescence, is part of the Worcestershire World War One Hundred project.

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Late Summer Craftcase

Felted pink and white scarf draped round a felted blue and pink pod with fresh herbs inside
  • Date: 17th August 2017 - 5th September 2017
  • Every day
  • Time: 10:30 - 16:30
  • Location: City Art Gallery and Museum
  • Cost: Free

Late Summer Craftcase showing work from Artist Lesley Stewart

Felted Art by Lesley Stewart shows a wonderful collection of felt work inspired by both land and seascapes. Each unique piece of work starts with colour using wool, silk, seaweed and linen fibres. Working instinctively and intuitively with textures, shades and shapes to reflect qualities in the endlessly changing sea and landscapes. The collection includes vessels, vases and bowls, wrist cuffs, scarves, collars, snoods and bookmarks.

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