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Worcester Improvements

Worcester's attractive location by the River Severn is also a major constraint to east-west movement, as there is only one vehicular bridge within the city boundary.

The Worcester bid will deliver improvements focussed to tackle known congestion 'pinch points' and inefficient junctions along the main A44 west-east axis through the City Centre. This includes the sections between St Johns and Sidbury, as well as Croft Road to the north and all the key approaches to these areas.

This will include investment in traffic signals to improve network efficiency, waiting restrictions to regulate and maintain free flowing traffic along these key corridors, measures to tackle poor local air quality and 'town centre' improvements to improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists and improved highway design.

In both St Johns and Sidbury, the investment will improve the setting of historic buildings, and create a more attractive environment to nurture and support local economic activity.