Adult care and support - The three conversation approach

What is the three conversations approach?

In 2017, we changed the way we support your care needs to offer a simple, more personalised method. The 'Three Conversation' approach means you will no longer be asked lots of questions from standard assessment forms and other complex documents. 

Instead, we'll listen to you and get a better understanding of your goals and interests, what is currently working for you and any areas where you need assistance to fulfil your wellbeing goals.

The Care Act 2014 refers to activities like 'assessment' and 'support planning'. These requirements are still met by our new way of working but we've tried to simplify the process and use plain language for ease of understanding.

Here's what you can expect from us:

  • initial contact - We'll let you know about the ways you can contact us or if it is not a social care matter we will tell you where you can find the right help
  • next steps - You will either be transferred to your area team nearest where you live, or they will call you within five working days. They will speak to you to learn more before agreeing the next steps with you

Typically this will take the form of one of three different types of conversation.

Who can I contact for more information?

Contact the Access Team via telephone: 01905 768053