Tribunal (SEND Local Offer)

Here you can find information on what to do if you are considering appealing to the Special Educational Needs (SEND) Tribunal about your child or young persons', Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan (or matters relating to it).

Before you can register an appeal with the SEND Tribunal you must have first spoken to a mediation advisor (unless your appeal is about the school Worcestershire County Council has named in your child's plan or if they haven't named a school in it).

What is a SEND Tribunal?

This is a legal body which hears appeals against decisions made by the local authority (Worcestershire County Council) in relation to children's and young people's EHC needs assessments and EHC Plans. They are part of Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service, but try not to be too legalistic or technical. They aim to be user-friendly and you should not need to appoint legal representation in order to take part, but you may find it helpful to have support from a voluntary organisation or friend at the hearing. At the hearing there will be a judge and a panel of tribunal members who have knowledge and experience of children and young people with SEN or disabilities.

What are the timescales for registering an appeal?

You must have a certificate from the mediation adviser to register an appeal with the SEND Tribunal. You have one month from receiving the certificate or two months from the original decision, whichever is later, to register an appeal.