Falls prevention

Easy read: Falls (NHS Direct Wales website, opens in a new window)

Falls are a major cause of disability and death in older people, and result in significant human costs in terms of pain, loss of confidence and independence. However, there are a number of ways that you can reduce your risk of falling:

  • keep active: focus on activities that challenge your balance and strengthen your legs, like gardening, dancing, tai chi or special balance and stability classes
  • check your eyes and hearing: regular sight tests and reporting ear pain or difficulties with hearing can identify problems that could affect your balance and co-ordination
  • check for home hazards: make sure your home is hazard-free and well lit and organise your things so that you're not at risk of tripping over any wires, clutter or loose or frayed carpets
  • eat well: eat regular meals and have a balanced diet, calcium and vitamin D are important for keeping your bones strong
  • have a medication review: certain medicines can make you feel faint or affect your balance, you can visit your GP pr your local pharmacy for a medication review
  • look after your feet: problems with your feet, especially anything that causes pain, can affect your balance; be sure to wear well-fitted shoes and slippers

For help and support for preventing falls in Worcestershire, visit Worcestershire Health and Care Trust - Falls prevention (opens in a new window).

Strength and Balance Classes in Worcestershire

Strength and Balance exercise classes are designed for people who feel unsteady on their feet or have had a fall.  Please watch the video for more information.

How can I sign up to a Strength and Balance Class?

To book onto a course you can either self refer or get your GP/Health Professional to contact the Sports Partnership on 01905 855498 or email PSI@worc.ac.uk

For more information visit Sports Partnership - Strength and Balance Class (opens in a new window)

For more information on preventing falls visit NHS Choices - Falls Prevention (opens in a new window).