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News and updates (Children's Services)

Children, young people and families latest news

November 2019

Get Safe supported by County Councillors

Worcestershire County Councillors commit to safeguarding young people against criminal exploitation. Find out more about Get Safe

October 2019

Thank you to Worcestershire Kinship Carers

There are more than 160 children currently being cared for by Kinship Carers in Worcestershire. These children are being looked after by one of 106 approved kinship fostering households receiving support from Worcestershire Children First. Find out more about Kinship Carers in Worcestershire

Worcestershire Children First launches

Worcestershire Children First has officially gone live, and today a new way of delivering children’s services in the county will begin. Find out more about Worcestershire Children First

September 2019

Education and Skills strategy approved at Cabinet

Worcestershire’s vision for ensuring every child across the county receives a good education has been approved at a County Council Cabinet meeting. Find out more about Education and Skills strategy approved at Cabinet

August 2019

Worcestershire's GCSE figures on the increase

Initial GCSE results for students in Worcestershire show that two thirds (67%) of this year’s students have achieved a standard pass in both English and Maths.

These figures show a 2% increase on the standard pass figures for the county last year (65%). Find out more about Worcestershire's GCSE figures on the increase

July 2019

Children services in Worcestershire improving

An inspection by Ofsted into children’s social care services in Worcestershire has recognised that progress has been made in many areas of the service.

The report, published In July, acknowledges that outcomes for many children and their families are better and that there is evidence of a “sustained trajectory of improvement”. Find out more about Children services in Worcestershire improving

June 2019

Worcestershire Fostering - from father to son

Foster parents for over 30 years are delighted their son and his wife are following in their footsteps. 

Andy and Janice Finnie have been fostering in Worcestershire with the County Council since 1988 after their move to the county from the Lake District. Find out more about Andy and Janice Finnie's fostering journey

May 2019

Chairman announced for Worcestershire Children First

Former Local Government Chief Executive, Rob Morrison, has been announced as Chairman of Worcestershire Children First. Find out more about the new Chairman

Fostering - different name, same service

More than 100 foster carers attended the annual Foster Care Conference organised by Worcestershire Fostering last week at Worcester Racecourse. Among the topics covered was the change to the Independent Fostering Agency (IFA) – Worcestershire Children First Fostering. Find out more about the conference

March 2019

Cabinet approve to broaden scope of Worcestershire Children First

The size and scope of the new company to deliver children's services in Worcestershire was approved by Worcestershire County Council's Cabinet at its meeting today. Broadened scope of Worcestershire Children First

February 2019

Views being sought on SEND Graduated Response

Worcestershire is updating its Graduated Response guidance to support children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). SEND Graduated Response

January 2019

Latest monitoring visit to Worcestershire children’s services

The latest monitoring visit to children’s services by Ofsted has found progress being made in improving services for children and young people at risk from sexual exploitation and those who go missing. Latest monitoring visit to Worcestershire children’s services

November 2018

Do you refer children and young people to Children's Social Care or make requests for support from Early Help Family Support?

We have been working with our partner agencies to update our referral form for making a professional referral to Children's Services which is currently called "Cause for Concern".

For more information please see:

Early help family support

Make a referral to Children's Social Care

October 2018

Progress continues to be made, according to Ofsted

The latest monitoring visit to Worcestershire children’s services, by Ofsted Inspectors, has found that the Council continues to make progress in improving services for children and young people. Find out more about the progress being made

Celebrating our fostering sons and daughters

An event was held to recognise the important role foster carers birth children play in fostering.

Each October The Fostering Network runs a campaign to celebrate the vital contribution that the children of foster carers make to foster care. Find out more on celebrating our fostering sons and daughters