News and updates (Children's Services)

November 2019

Get Safe supported by County Councillors

Worcestershire County Councillors commit to safeguarding young people against criminal exploitation. Read more about Get Safe

October 2019

Thank you to Worcestershire Kinship Carers

There are more than 160 children currently being cared for by Kinship Carers in Worcestershire. These children are being looked after by one of 106 approved kinship fostering households receiving support from Worcestershire Children First. Read more about Kinship Carers in Worcestershire

Worcestershire Children First launches

Worcestershire Children First has officially gone live, and today a new way of delivering children’s services in the county will begin. Read more about Worcestershire Children First

September 2019

Education and Skills strategy approved at Cabinet

Worcestershire’s vision for ensuring every child across the county receives a good education has been approved at a County Council Cabinet meeting. Read more about Education and Skills strategy approved at Cabinet

August 2019

Worcestershire's GCSE figures on the increase

Initial GCSE results for students in Worcestershire show that two thirds (67%) of this year’s students have achieved a standard pass in both English and Maths.

These figures show a 2% increase on the standard pass figures for the county last year (65%). Read more about Worcestershire's GCSE figures on the increase

July 2019

Children services in Worcestershire improving

An inspection by Ofsted into children’s social care services in Worcestershire has recognised that progress has been made in many areas of the service.

The report, published In July, acknowledges that outcomes for many children and their families are better and that there is evidence of a “sustained trajectory of improvement”. Read more about Children services in Worcestershire improving

June 2019

Worcestershire Fostering - from father to son

Foster parents for over 30 years are delighted their son and his wife are following in their footsteps. 

Andy and Janice Finnie have been fostering in Worcestershire with the County Council since 1988 after their move to the county from the Lake District. Find out more about Andy and Janice Finnie's fostering journey

May 2019

Chairman announced for Worcestershire Children First

Former Local Government Chief Executive, Rob Morrison, has been announced as Chairman of Worcestershire Children First. Find out more about the new Chairman

Fostering - different name, same service

More than 100 foster carers attended the annual Foster Care Conference organised by Worcestershire Fostering last week at Worcester Racecourse. Among the topics covered was the change to the Independent Fostering Agency (IFA) – Worcestershire Children First Fostering. Find out more about the conference

March 2019

Cabinet approve to broaden scope of Worcestershire Children First

The size and scope of the new company to deliver children's services in Worcestershire was approved by Worcestershire County Council's Cabinet at its meeting today.

Broadened scope of Worcestershire Children First

February 2019

Views being sought on SEND Graduated Response

Worcestershire is updating its Graduated Response guidance to support children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND

SEND Graduated Response

January 2019

Latest monitoring visit to Worcestershire children’s services

The latest monitoring visit to children’s services by Ofsted has found progress being made in improving services for children and young people at risk from sexual exploitation and those who go missing.

Latest monitoring visit to Worcestershire children’s services

November 2018

Do you refer children and young people to Children's Social Care or make requests for support from Early Help Family Support?

We have been working with our partner agencies to update our referral form for making a professional referral to Children's Services which is currently called "Cause for Concern". Find out more information download: Referrals leaflet

For more information please see:

Early help family support

Make a referral to Children's Social Care

October 2018

Progress continues to be made, according to Ofsted

The latest monitoring visit to Worcestershire children’s services, by Ofsted Inspectors, has found that the Council continues to make progress in improving services for children and young people.

Find out more about the progress being made

Celebrating our fostering sons and daughters

An event was held to recognise the important role foster carers birth children play in fostering.

Each October The Fostering Network runs a campaign to celebrate the vital contribution that the children of foster carers make to foster care.

Find out more on celebrating our fostering sons and daughters

September 2018

Worcestershire Pride Event

People going to this year's Worcestershire Pride on 22 September can find out all about fostering in the county.

A team from Worcestershire Fostering, part of Worcestershire County Council, will be manning a stall at the annual event.

Find out more information on the Worcestershire Pride event

August 2018

Foster Children are now included in 30 hours of free childcare

As you may be aware the provision of 30 hours of free childcare has now been extended to include foster children, when it is in the best interests of the child.

Children in foster care will be eligible to the additional free childcare if it is consistent with their care plan and foster parents are in paid work outside their role of a foster carer. Find out more information and assess your eligibility

Children's Social Work Opportunities

Find out more about a career in Children's Social Work in Worcestershire.

Ofsted Monitoring Visit Letters

Read the latest feedback from our regular Ofsted Monitoring visit.

Website: Ofsted: Worcestershire (opens in a new window)

June 2018

We think the best job in the world is Fostering!

Find out more about Fostering at our July drop in events

With record numbers of children in care, the national leading Fostering Network charity estimate that over 8100 more foster carers are needed across the UK, with 890 required in the West Midlands.

Here at Worcestershire Fostering, we work all year round to find and recruit foster carers desperately needed locally to look after these children. Without enough foster families within Worcestershire, some children will find themselves living a long way from family, school, and friends, being split up from brothers and sisters, or being placed with a foster carer who does not have the ideal skills and experience to meet their specific needs.

Drop in events and the promotion of fostering is vital in order to highlight the situation and inevitably find more carers. It is also highly beneficial that we keep our children with our own foster carers and not have to use independent agencies. It allows the child to often stay closer to people and places they know, but also provides major cost benefits to us as a Local Authority.

We really feel it is one of 'the best jobs in the world' and welcome people who are considering fostering to talk to us and to foster carers and see why! Of course there are lows, like with every job, but a foster carer will no doubt account all the many highs there are and the importance of giving a child a chance to live its life to the full.

We pop up at numerous events in the county throughout the year providing a great opportunity for people to find out more about fostering. We will be at the Upton Jazz Festival all day on Friday 22 June and also at Bromsgrove Library on the 7 July 10:00am to 12.30pm and welcome anyone to drop by and say hello and ask any burning questions they may have. Even if it isn't for you, please share with others who you know or feel would make the perfect foster carer.

Visit (opens in a new window) to find out more or call 0800 028 2158

Appreciating our foster families and care leavers through corporate parenting

Farm Activity Day with Councillor Rob Adams at his own Aston Hall Farm an image of a sheep be sheared

As part of our Corporate Parenting responsibility this year, Chairman Anne Hingley chose Looked after Children and Care Leavers as her focus and set up a Cross Party Working Group to show Worcestershire’s commitment to this area.

As a result, the party reached out to foster families and young people to show how much they were valued by inviting them to numerous events led by varying councillors throughout 2018. Events have included Afternoon Tea with the Mayor of Worcester and a Tour of the Guildhall, a Fire Station Activity Day hosted by Councillor Charlie Hotham and the final one in June of a Farm Activity Day with Councillor Rob Adams at his own Aston Hall Farm.

Many of our families and children have attended the various sessions and we have been delighted to hear the responses. Here is what one of our foster carers, Sarah had to say of her trip to the farm:

"We had a wonderful time and I thought it was a lovely event and perfect for the little ones. It was a really relaxed and calm environment which enabled the little ones to be more confident about touching the animals and exploring".

Thank you to everyone who has helped organise these events and of course to our foster carer community who came along and enjoyed the opportunities.

Children's Social Work Opportunities

We have opportunities across our safeguarding localities, Family Front Door and Assessment Teams, and in our Looked after Children's Teams. Find out more information about Children's Social Work Careers

There was a boy

Fostering services of sixteen neighbouring Local Authorities have been working in collaboration to produce the film ‘There Was a Boy’ – the story of teenager Dan. Launched at the beginning of Foster Care Fortnight, the UK’s biggest foster care recruitment campaign, the film highlights the need for more foster carers who would consider caring for teenagers.

The short emotive film tells two stories of two possible courses Dan’s life can take. Two alternative realities, one intervened by Foster Care and one without.

The first reality is the story of a man who has made something of his life, he has settled down into a loving relationship, he has a career. He was given a chance and made the most of it.

The second reality is of a boy who was shunned and forgotten. He dreams of a different life and what he could become, but he has no one to guide him. He gets into trouble, makes some wrong decisions that massively impact his future.

The film coveys that despite any preconcept.