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Early years, birth to starting school (SEND Local Offer)

A word cloud showing words associated with not knowing what to do and how you are feeling


So, you suspect your child may have a special education need or disability (SEND) or you've got a diagnosis for your child? You didn’t expect this to happen and you may be feeling a whole range of emotions.

All of these are perfectly normal and natural feelings. Everyone responds differently, and it can take time to process. There is help and support available for you on your journey. In this section you will find details of the services and support available to parents and families.

We understand that talking to many different services about your child's needs can be very confusing. To help this we have found some useful websites with guides to the terms and jargon sometimes used.

Website: Council for disabled children EPIC glossary of terms (opens in a new window)

Website: Healthwatch Worcestershire Jargon Buster (opens new window)

Website: Contact a Family also have some useful pages about diagnosis (opens a new window)

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