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Request an assessment for your needs as a carer for an adult

Having a carer's assessment is your opportunity to talk with a social/health care worker about your needs and feelings as a carer for an adult. The purpose of the assessment is to consider:

  • how caring impacts on your life and allows you to talk about your needs
  • the support needed to help you to continue to provide care or to decide who should provide this if you are unable to continue
  • your own health and family commitments as well as your work, education and training needs, and the impact that your caring role might have on these

The carer's assessment is not a test and there are no wrong answers.

You can choose to have your needs as a carer assessed separately or jointly alongside the person that you provide support for. If the person you support does not get any help from the council you are still able to access a carer's assessment to look at your own needs.

Ask for a carers assessment

You can use our free online carer contact assessment to look into ways of supporting yourself in maintaining your own health and wellbeing and refer to yourself for a full carer assessment:

Assess Your Care Needs as a Carer form

or contact the Access Team via

telephone: 01905 768053

You can also contact Worcestershire Association of Carers who can also provide you directly with information and advice as well as refer you for a full carer assessment if you require one.