Request an Assessment for Your Care Needs (Age 18+ Years Only)

What Is a Care Needs Assessment and Who Can Request It?

How do I request a care needs assessment?

You can ask for an assessment via:

Assess Your Care Needs form

telephone: Access, Triage and Intervention Service 01905 768053

What is a care needs assessment and who can request it?

A care needs assessment which is also known as a needs assessment is a discussion between you and a social worker about your care and support needs. The assessment can be done using our online assessment tool, face to face or over the telephone.

The assessment will look at your total circumstances. It will identify with you difficulties you might be facing, how you are currently managing, the support you have now and may need in the future and what you think will best help you achieve what you want to achieve in promoting your wellbeing.

You can request the assessment if you are 18 years old or over, and if you have difficulties doing a number of things which may include:

  • washing yourself
  • getting dressed
  • getting in and out of bed
  • helping you to stay safe in your own home

If you feel more comfortable with someone else arranging the assessment for you, you can ask a family member or a professional such as a GP or a nurse to make a request for you.

If you are already known to the Council's social services you can ask for a re-assessment if you think your need for care and support has changed.

You can request a care assessment for someone else such as your elderly relative if you are worried that they are not coping well on their own anymore and would need some support now. 

What happens in the care needs assessment?

The needs assessment will normally be face to face with social care staff. You can ask to have a family member or other person present with you to help you explain your care and support needs. If you have a carer then we can carry out a joint assessment in the same visit to assess their support requirements too.

The assessment will include talking to you about any physical needs you have (such as washing and dressing) but also your mental and emotional wellbeing and what is important to you.

The Council will make sure that you are able to be involved in your assessment. If you wish, your carer, a friend or family member can help you as a representative. If you have a lot of difficulty in being involved in the assessment and don't have anyone you can ask to help, the Council will find someone to be your independent advocate. Find out more about Independent Advocacy

If you have complex care and support needs the Council will work closely with other organisations such as the NHS so that you do not have to provide information repeatedly to lots of different people.

What happens after the care needs assessment?

You will be given a written copy of your needs assessment and a copy will be given to anyone that you want to have a copy. When your assessment is complete the council will decide if your care and support needs are at a level and of a type which means that you are eligible for help from them. 

The council will write to you to explain their decision on your eligibility and give you reasons for their decision.

If you are eligible for help the council will explain what help could be available through your personal budget for care and support. A personal budget is a calculation of the amount of money you will need to meet the cost of your care, including any contribution you may be required to contribute. Your personal budget will be calculated based on the information provided to the council during your assessment and is used to fund care and support arrangements to meet your needs. These arrangements will be agreed with you and described in a care and support plan.