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Success stories - Go On Worcestershire


I’ve been a lorry driver all my life. My father was a lorry driver and I wanted to be like him. So for 30 years I delivered goods around Malvern, Droitwich, Evesham, Tewkesbury, and Upton. Then with the stroke of a pen I was made redundant. 

I always wanted to learn how to use computers at work but my firm wouldn’t allow it. I kept seeing relations and friends using computers and was worried I was getting left behind so I decided to do something about it.

But the first place I went to they didn’t explain things. Basically you had to do everything yourself. But then the Jobcentre told me about Go On Worcestershire Connector sessions in Worcester. I like the idea of 121 coaching and have really enjoyed using Learn My Way to pick up basic computer skills. However, every now and again I get stuck so I’ve particularly enjoyed working with the Digital Champions. It’s harder to learn as you get older, but with their help I’m hoping to improve my IT skills and use them to get a new job.


After leaving my last job I had an inkling that I’d like to do something in IT, but I don’t have any formal training. I spoke to my Work Coach who suggested I volunteer for the Go On Worcestershire Digital Champion scheme. I jumped at the opportunity! After the interview I was even more enthusiastic. Since I started I’ve found the job satisfaction is massive. It’s helping people and speaking with members of the public I’ve enjoyed most. I’ve helped a man learn Word so he can write his autobiography, an elderly lady organise a life time’s photos, and introduced people to the internet who have never used it before. After being out of work for six months it’s a real boost to your confidence. Being a Digital Champion is more than volunteering. I feel like I’m part of something.

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