Using your Blue Badge

Your Responsibilities

  • A Blue Badge holder is responsible for the badge and must not let anyone else use it or photocopy it.
  • You must make sure it's displayed the correct way up, as stated on your badge.
  • Blue Badges are the property of Worcestershire County Council and should be cut up and disposed of if no longer required.
  • Blue Badges are clearly printed with an expiry date. If the badge has expired please cut it up and dispose of it.
  • It is illegal to use your badge after its expiry date.
  • If a Blue Badge is misused we can de-register it and the maximum penalty for incorrect use of the badge is a fine of £1000.

For more guidance on your rights and responsibilities visit the external GOV.UK site to read the Blue Badge rights and responsibilities booklet

Travelling Abroad

You can use your Blue Badge in all European countries.