Visual Evidence for Victims (VEV)

VEV is a free, confidential service. Our approved agencies can take photographs of injuries or damaged property and store them securely. VEV leaflet

By preserving a record of incidents in this way, we help victims to keep open the option of reporting a crime to the police in the future if they decide not to report straight away.

Download VEV leaflet

How does VEV work? 

Clients will have their VEV photographs taken confidentially, and there will also be a member of staff with them to give emotional support. We will never take photographs without written consent.  In cases of criminal damage, VEV agencies can visit the scene of the crime to take photographs. The VEV agency will store these photographs securely until further notice from the client (for up to six years).

Who can use VEV?

VEV will record evidence for any victim of violent crime or criminal damage aged 18 or over and who isn’t ready to report to the police.


Victim Support

  • telephone: 01905726885

Women’s Aid

  • telephone: 0800 980 3331

West Mercia Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre (WMRSASC)

  • telephone: 01905 611655

Maggs Day Centre

  • telephone: 01905 25027

The Sexual Assault Referral Centre

  • telephone: 01886 833555

Bromsgrove District Housing Trust

  • telephone: 01527 557557