Child Death Overview Panel

The death of a child is a very difficult time for parents, families and carers. As professionals working with the Worcestershire Child Death Overview Panel, we recognise this and extend our sympathies to all bereaved families.

CDOP Review Panel

What is a review and why is it needed?

Government legislation requires that every Local Safeguarding Children Board has a Child Death Overview Panel to review the death of every child and young person from their area.
By doing so we may find ways of doing things differently that will help children and families in the future. For further information see chapter 5 of the Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013 Guidance.

How does a review happen?

Information about your child and how they died is collected and summarised in a report.
The information comes from records held by Hospitals, GPs, Health Professionals, Schools, Police, Children's Social Care, Education and other agencies who may have known your child.
The report also includes some information about your family circumstances so that the Panel can ensure you are being supported appropriately.
The Child Death Overview Panel includes Doctors, other Health Specialists, Children's Services and the Police who meet regularly.
They will look at the circumstances of your child's death and will decide whether to recommend any changes or improvement to services for children that might prevent similar deaths in the future.
Any recommendations are passed on to the organisations that are responsible for planning and managing services for children locally, as well as to other relevant agencies.

What happens when your child's death is reviewed?

Your Child Death Overview Panel will be informed of your child's death and when all the information has been collected they will be given information about what happened.
It will take some months before all the information is ready as the Panel will wait until all the investigations have been completed.
The information gathered is treated with the greatest respect and in strict confidence.
The information provided is anonymised we promise that none of our findings, recommendations or reports will name or identify your child or family.
Lessons learned and recommendations made will be included in our Annual Report.