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Please Don’t Call Me A Bad Parent:

Understanding and Responding to ‘Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse’ (APVA)

On March 14th the University of Worcester, in partnership with the West Mercia Youth Justice Service (WMYJS), hosted an event to discuss APVA.  The event brought together an audience of multi-agency professionals, academics, students and parents. 

APVA is a term coined by the Home Office in 2015 to describe a phenomenon whereby an adolescent abuses one or both of their parents via a pattern of behaviour which may include, “physical violence; but which can also include damage to property, emotional abuse, economic / financial abuse, humiliating language and threats, belittling a parent, stealing from a parent and heightened sexualised behaviours”. 

More details about the event here

NEW Guidance from WSCB: Healthy relationships, a whole school approach

Is a document that has been produced by Worcestershire Safeguarding Children Board (WSCB) to support schools to have access to a `whole school approach' to educate young people, parents, staff and governors in what constitutes a healthy relationship and help prevent children being exploited.

Each school, (and child), is different and there is a lot of information and resources available on the internet. This document recommends those resources which WSCB has endorsed. It covers a range of educational resources which seek to help children and young people feel more confident in making relationships raising awareness of some of the pitfalls and tactics used by those that seek to exploit them.

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