About the Safeguarding Children Board

What does a Local Safeguarding Children Board do?


Worcestershire Safeguarding Children Board (WSCB)

Local Authorities were required to establish a Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) by 1 April 2006 after the Children Act 2004 introduced it as the key statutory mechanism for agreeing how partner agencies will co-operate to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and ensuring the effectiveness of local safeguarding children arrangements in the local area.


The Local Safeguarding Children Board has a range of statutory functions which include the following:

  • Developing thresholds, policies and procedures for responding to safeguarding and welfare concerns about individual children
  • Communicating and raising awareness of safeguarding children issues
  • Quality assuring practice through audits, scrutiny and evaluation
  • Producing and publishing an annual report on the effectiveness of safeguarding in the local area
  • Assessing the effectiveness of Early Help arrangements
  • Assessing whether partners are fulfilling statutory obligations and encouraging effective working relationships
  • Making recommendations for commissioning bodies and participating in local planning/commissioning of services for children
  • Collecting and analysing information about the deaths of all children and putting in place procedures for responding to the unexpected death of a child
  • Undertaking Serious Case Reviews and ensuring implementation and monitoring of action plans
  • Improving local ways of working in light of learning from local and national experience
  • Seeking assurance about accessibility and quality of safeguarding children training

Our Vision Statement

All children and young people in Worcestershire are safe and thriving

Our Mission Statement

Working in partnership to keep all children and young people safe and thriving within an environment where safeguarding is everybody's business and intervention and support is timely and right for individuals and families

Our Values

  • Respect for children, young people and their families
  • Making a positive difference to the lives of children and young people
  • Working together in partnership
  • Collective and mutual challenge between partners to keep children safe
  • Involving communities at a local level
  • Valuing and responding to diversity

Our Current Strategic Priorities

  • Robust core safeguarding practice, with a particular focus on domestic abuse, mental ill-health, substance abuse and all forms of exploitation
  • Evidenced partnership effectiveness so that the Board is in a strong position to make  a positive safeguarding assurance statement in its annual report
  • Improvement through learning with an evidenced culture shift that results in high quality performance