Worcestershire Safeguarding Children Board Sub Groups

Improving Frontline Practice

Mandated by WSCB to:

  • Provide assurance that actions from serious case reviews, child death reviews and other learning opportunities have been implemented and embedded in practice
  • Sign off policies and procedures on behalf of WSCB (with the exception of those that have significant communications/risk/cross organisations implications)
  • Manage the communication of learning points across the sector and to communities

Chair: David Lewis, Designated Paediatrician for Safeguarding

Monitoring Effectiveness

Mandated by WSCB to:

  • Provide assurance position statement (quarterly and annually)
  • Develop and maintain performance and escalation frameworks(frameworks signed off by WSCB)
  • Maintain a focus on the effectiveness of safeguarding for children in vulnerable groups e.g. Toxic Trio
  • Identify actions to test hypotheses and mandate appropriate WSCB group/wider partnership group to seek assurance

Chair: Sarah Wilkins, Worcestershire County Council

Serious Case Review Group

Mandated by WSCB to:

  • Ensure that Serious Case Reviews (SCR) are completed to a high standard and within agreed timescales
  • Ensure that the recommendations and action plans arising from SCRs are implemented by the WSCB and its partner agencies
  • Identify any difficulties with the implementation of an Action Plan and alert the appropriate Board member and the Chair of WSCB
  • Report on the progress of SCRs to the Child Death Overview Panel, and upon completion, the findings

Chair: Ellen Footman, NHS Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group.

CSE & Missing Strategic Sub-Group

Mandated by WSCB to: 

  • Provide the strategic lead on the development, implementation and evaluation of WSCB’s strategy to address CSE in Worcestershire, including identifying the role of all sub groups in contributing to tackling CSE.
  • Review and revise the CSE strategy to ensure it is relevant and up to date
  • Keep the Board well informed about progress in implementing the strategy and provide it with assurance regarding CSE, ensuring all partners are fulfilling their responsibilities.
  • Provide governance to the CSE Operational group, and support it in its work 

Chair:  Superintendent Kevin Purcell, West Mercia & Warwickshire Police