Request a Care Needs Assessment

What is a care needs assessment and who can request it?

A care needs assessment which is also known as a needs assessment is a discussion between you and a social worker about your care and support needs. 

You can request the assessment if you are 18 years old or over, and if you have difficulties doing a number of things which may include:

  • washing yourself
  • getting dressed
  • getting in and out of bed
  • helping you to stay safe in your own home

If you feel more comfortable with someone else arranging the assessment for you, you can ask a family member or a professional such as a GP or a nurse to make a request for you. 

If you are already known to the Council's social services you can ask for a re-assessment if you think your need for care and support has changed.

You can also use our free online self-assessment at our Your Life, Your Choice website to look into ways of helping yourself with difficulties you may be facing in maintaining your independence and well-being.

You can request a care assessment for someone else such as your elderly relative if you are worried that they are not coping well on their own anymore and would need some support now.  

Ask for a care needs assessment 

Contact the Access Service either by email or by phone: