Children in trouble with the law

When a child becomes involved with the criminal justice system they may be referred to the Youth Justice Service.

The Youth Justice Service covers the whole of West Mercia including the county of Worcestershire. It works with young people aged 10 to 17 years that get involved with the criminal justice system.

The Service has staff drawn from children’s social care services, probation, the police, education, health as well as volunteers. They are trained to deliver programmes and projects that reduce youth offending by confronting young people’s behaviour and seeking to address the underlying causes of crime.

This includes

  • looking at the reasons that lead young people to offend, and then to help to develop ways to prevent offending behaviour
  • working with communities to help give young people a sense of ownership and pride in where they live, and a duty of care and concern for those who live around them. This is done through reparation projects with young people undertaking work to benefit their community
  • working with victims of crime, and organisations representing them, to make sure that the needs of victims are considered as carefully as those of offenders
  • helping young people and their families at court, supervising young people serving community sentences, and working with those young people in custody and supervising them on their release

If your child has just become involved in the criminal justice system and you want to find out more about the support they are being offered by the Youth Justice System, contact the team manager on 01905 732200.

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