Care Leavers

What is the Care Leavers Team?

The Care Leavers Team  is a new team that provides a service to you, as care leavers, or young people preparing to leave care. As a care leaver, you can get support from us from the age of 17½ until the age of 21, unless you are continuing an agreed course of training or education in which case support could continue up to the age of 25. The team currently consists of Team Manager, Business Support Officer and 13 Personal Advisors. The Team was previously part of the 16+ Service.

What will the Care Leavers Team do for you?

You will be allocated a Personal Adviser who will:

  • Listen to your views and ideas about your life and future plans
  • Help you make plans for the future by meeting with you and agreeing your Pathway Plan
  • Encourage you to be healthy by supporting you registering with a GP, Dentist Optician and any other health appointments
  • We can also support you to access other services that maybe useful for your health and well-being e.g. Sexual Health Adviser, Healthy Young Minds and Drug or alcohol services
  • Encourage and support you in going as far as you can with your education
  • Make sure you receive advice and guidance with jobs, careers and training
  • Help you to develop the skills and knowledge that you need to live independently
  • Support you in finding somewhere suitable to live
  • Help you deal with any difficulties or problems, including helping you to know your rights
  • Provide advice and help with negotiating solutions or signposting you to other agencies/services that can help you.

Care Leavers Handbook 2016