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Enhanced and Bespoke Ceremonies

Did you know that you can enhance or bespoke your ceremony to make it entirely unique… just for you, your day, your way…

Worcestershire Registration Service now provides Celebrant Registrars who are knowledgeable and professional. They will make sure that whatever ceremony you are choosing, it will be not only within the boundaries of the law, but as unique as you wish. They will work with you to plan, personalise and bring your dreams and wishes into reality; a wedding to remember; a ceremony like no other.

Enhanced Worcestershire…

As part of your legal marriage ceremony did you know that you can add something special that is… ‘just for you’?

Create your own celebration working with our Celebrant Registrars to enhance your ceremony and make it completely unique. The options are endless – you can add personalised vows, additional readings, inclusion of song/music. Everyone can take part.

If you would like to enhance your ceremony, let your venue know and they will also be able to advise you further about contacting the Registration Service. When you have decided on your date and venue, you next need to book your registrars.

If you wish to enhance your ceremony email the Registration Service at to arrange for a Celebrant Registrar to contact you; following a telephone conversation, a convenient date and time will be arranged for a visit. At this meeting, you can begin to explore the ideas you have with the Celebrant Registrar, who will work with you to ensure you have a very special day to remember. There are numerous ways you can weave your own thoughts and ideas in and around your legal ceremony; a ceremony that will be completely unique and personal to you and include all the legal elements.

Bespoke Worcestershire…

Sometimes you just have a yearning to have and do something different… ‘your day, your way’

Maybe you have always wanted to marry in a special place, at home, in your garden, by a lake, in the woods or anywhere else your dream takes you.

Whilst you can only legally be married in a Licensed Venue or outdoor structure, you can still make your wedding – your day, your way… How? There are a number of options. The only stipulation is that your legal ceremony must take place in a Licensed Venue before a bespoke celebration. This could be a week to a few days before. It can take place on the day itself; earlier in the day or just before your celebration. Your Celebration can then take place anywhere and in any style you wish… even including a religious element if you wished. Contact the Registration Service at and tell us you would like a Bespoke Worcestershire ceremony and we will take a few details, following which a Celebrant Registrar will contact you, arrange to meet you. We will work with you to bring your dreams and ideas to life; from the words used to the style of your ceremony and beyond…

Bespoke Worcestershire Renewal of Vows, Commitment, Celebration and Naming Ceremonies…

Don’t let the weddings have all the fun!

Worcestershire Registration Service can provide Celebrant Registrars for all your ceremony wishes. Whether it is a reaffirmation of your vows, a special wedding anniversary, the welcoming of a new addition to the family or the joining of two families, we will work with you to plan and deliver a very special, unique and personal ceremony.