Our Tendering Process

The Tendering Procedures

The contract value determines the type of procedure used:

Contract Value Procedure
£0 to £5,000 At least one quote
£5,000 to £25,000 At least three quotes
£25,000 to £164,176 (EU Threshold for goods & services) At least four tenders
£25,000 to £4,104,394 (EU Threshold for work contracts) At least four tenders
Above the EU Threshold(s) EU tendering procedure

All proceeding stages are dealt with through In-Tend; when signed up to In-Tend you will be provided with a comprehensive step-by-step user guide. The tendering process varies depending on the contract but In-Tend will be clear in regards to the specific process.

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Key Documentation

Key Terms

Quotes are requests from us (the local authority) to you (the provider) for a quoted price for any given works, services or goods usually at low values.

A tender is a formal invitation to trade under the offered terms.