16 to 18 years not in training, education or employment (NEET)

Education and training for 16+ year olds

It is now the law for 16 year olds leaving school to participate in further education or training until they are 18. There are two main options for 16 year olds:

  1. to study full-time in a school, college or with a training provider
  2. to get into full-time employment or volunteering (more than 20 hours a week) but this must be combined with part-time study or training

In Worcestershire, there are lots of training providers who can support 16-18 year olds to get the necessary qualifications and support to enter employment.

The county has three further education colleges who offer a range of academic and vocational courses to suit a range of needs:

Heart of Worcestershire (HOW) College (opens in a new window)

Kidderminster College (opens in a new window)

Warwickshire College Group (opens in a new window)

However college is not for everyone and for this reason there are many other training providers in Worcestershire that can offer education for over 16s. Worcestershire County Council's 16 to 24 training team offers two different programmes:

  1. vocational training and qualifications
  2. relevant skills and confidence building to get in to education, employment or training

Another option for young people looking to earn while they learn is an apprenticeship. Apprenticeship positions are available with many different employers in the county and you will be given the necessary hands-on and theoretical training to gain different levels of qualifications. Worcestershire Apprenticeships, supported by Worcestershire County Council can help. See the Worcestershire Apprenticeships website for impartial advice and guidance about apprenticeships as well as current vacancies.

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This is a careers website designed to provide young people, parents and schools with all the information required to understand the career opportunities and pathways available in Worcestershire. This website aims to signpost you to useful resources, careers and employability advice and important information about Worcestershire's economy.

About the service

This service is offered through Babcock Prime which has been commissioned by WCC to provide support for 16 to 18 year old's who are Not in Education, Employment or Training. This support includes impartial careers advice and guidance on further education, training and employability pathways.

This service is also available for young people in years 10 and 11 who are Home Educated and registered with the Elective Home Education Service.

If you are a young person needing help in identifying suitable careers and options for further education and training or a parent or carer of a young person not in education or training, please contact the Careers Advice Team at Babcock Prime.

Team telephone number: 01905 678147

Main switchboard: 01905 678200

Or please visit the Babcock website for more information on Babcock Prime - Careers Advice and Guidance (opens in a new window)