Am I Eligible for Under 16 Travel Assistance?

We provide various levels of travel assistance for school education. Please read below to find out which level of assistance you may be entitled to.

On receipt of your application we will determine  your entitlement to free travel, if you are not entitled  to free travel your application will be considered for a vacant seat or Seve7n Card.

Free Travel Assistance

Statutory school age children and pre-statutory school age children who are admitted to mainstream schools in accordance with the current County Council Admission Policy are entitled to free travel, provided that they:

  • Live in Worcestershire
  • Are 4 years old at September 1  
  • Are attending either the designated or nearest school for their home address - check which is your designated school by using the search tool above
  • Live beyond the statutory walking distance from the school

Statutory walking distance is 2 miles (3.218 Kilometres) for pupils up to 8 years and 3 miles (4.828 kilometres) for pupils between 8-16 years. The distance is measured by the shortest available walking route.

Primary School aged pupils who live between 2-3 miles from the nearest suitable school and from low-incomes families are entitled to free travel.

High school aged pupils from low income families will also be entitled to free travel assistance to a choice of up to 3 schools between distances of 2-6 miles.

Vacant Seat Payment Scheme

The Authority may still be able to help under the County Council’s Vacant Seat Payment Scheme, which offers parents the opportunity to buy any spare seats at a discounted rate on a school contract vehicle. Vacant seats can only be awarded once all eligible riders have been allocated their seat.  

We will only offer spare seats on vehicles contracted to Worcestershire County Council, using existing routes and boarding points. (Travel is linked to specific schools, however it may be possible to offer a seat to a child who attends another school near the route. In these cases the County Council cannot accept responsibility for transporting the child when the vehicle does not operate because the specific school it serves are closed).

Vacant Seats will usually be allocated at the beginning of September and they are allocated on a first come, first served basis, from the date the application was received.

We cannot guarantee that the spare seat will always be available as requirements for entitled pupils may change from time to time and on occasion, we may have to withdraw the facility. It is therefore important that you do not rely on the service and have alternative travel options available if necessary.

Should all appropriate vehicles be full, there is a waiting list which will be checked throughout the year, so if a space becomes available, you will be contacted.

If assistance is approved, a request for payment will be sent.

Denominational Travel Assistance

From 2012/2013, Worcestershire County Council no longer provides travel assistance to pupils on denominational (religious) grounds.

All applications are now assessed under the normal Under 16 Transport Policy, although pupils who have previously been entitled to denominational travel assistance will continue to remain entitled up until the end of year 11.

However, high school aged pupils from low income families will be entitled to free travel assistance to their nearest, suitable denominational school, as long as it is over 2 miles but less than 15 miles from their home.

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If assistance is approved a request for payment will be sent.

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If your child is not entitled to travel assistance, or isn't offered a seat on the Vacant Seat Payment Scheme, and can utilise public transport, you can apply for a Seve7n Card.

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