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Stronger Families

Introduction to Stronger Families

The Stronger Families programme is Worcestershire's response to the government's 'Troubled Families' agenda. The government estimates that 900 families in Worcestershire meet the national criteria of:

  • having an adult on out of work benefits,
  • children not being in school (unauthorised attendance/exclusions) and/or
  • family members being involved in crime and anti-social behaviour.

Additional grant funding is being made available to local authorities to support intensive and challenging work with families who meet all three of the above criteria or at least two of the above criteria and one of Worcestershire's locally defined criteria.

The programme has a steering group who have agreed an integrated response based on:

  • A team of Stronger Family Support Workers
  • Delivery of an intensive Stronger Families Intervention Project
  • Multi-agency working with families
  • Co-working with social care teams, and
  • Support for identified key workers in specialist family support teams, schools, AOHN projects, housing providers etc.

If you are eligible for support from the Stronger Families team, you may have been given a leaflet by a support worker or your child's school.

If you have not been approached and think you qualify for Stronger Families support, please contact the Early Help Hub.