The Local Transport Plan

The Worcestershire Local Transport Plan focuses on attracting and supporting economic investment and growth, by delivering transport infrastructure and services to tackle congestion and improve quality of life. The current Local Transport Plan 3 was adopted in February 2011.

Welcome to the Consultation on Worcestershire’s Next Local Transport Plan (LTP4)

In recognition of recent significant political, economic and social change, the Local Transport Plan has been refreshed and updated.

The Corporate Plan 2017-2022 ‘Shaping Worcestershire’s Future’ recognises that the planning, design and delivery of an efficient, affordable and multimodal transport network is essential to achieve its vision of a prosperous Worcestershire. The fourth Local Transport Plan (LTP4) has been developed to set out how investment in transport infrastructure, information and services will achieve this vision.

Our transport networks are the life blood of Worcestershire's economy, providing access to the services and facilities that our residents need to enjoy a high quality of life. Similarly, our businesses rely on these same networks to provide access for employees, the movement of freight, raw materials and finished products.

The LTP4 focuses on delivering improvements to our transport networks and maintaining the highway asset effectively to increase capacity and operational efficiency, as well as improving user access to travel information, which will help to improve journey times and reduce congestion.

Take a look at the LTP4 documents:

The finalised plan will be submitted to the Cabinet in summer 2017, for formal adoption.