Major Infrastructure and Improvement SchemesEnvirecover Project

In May 2014 work started on the construction of EnviRecover – a 200,000 tonne per year Energy-from-Waste facility at the Hartlebury Trading Estate, near Kidderminster, Worcestershire. The key elements of the project and its management are set out below.

Who is building the plant?

Mercia has awarded the main construction contract to the Swiss-based technology provider, Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI). This company has a wealth of experience in Energy-from-Waste and related technologies, and has been involved in seven similar projects in the UK to date. For more information on HZI go to www.hz-inova.com.


Construction commenced in May 2014 and handover is due to take place in the spring of 2017. The first waste to be delivered into the plant as part of commissioning trials will be in the autumn of 2016.

Key facts about the plant

  • The EnviRecover site is a plot of some 8.4 acres on the Hartlebury Trading Estate, near Kidderminster.
  • The plant building will be set in an excavation some eight metres deep, and the boiler hall will be some 35 metres above surrounding ground level. The plant exhaust stack will be 75 metres above surrounding ground level.
  • The plant will combust waste at a rate of 200,000 tonnes per year.  It will operate 24/7 throughout the year, with a two-week downtime for planned maintenance each year. Deliveries of waste and consumables, and export of solid waste residues will generate roughly 120 HGV journeys per day (120 in and 120 out).
  • The plant will generate a total of some 55,000 tonnes of residues in the form of inert bottom ash, and air pollution control (APC) residues.
  • The plant will combust the waste at a minimum temperature of 850 0C for a minimum of 2 seconds after the final injection of air. These baseline parameters are prescribed in EU legislation and imposed through the plant’s Environmental Permit to operate, issued and monitored by the Environment Agency. (Permit Reference EPR/XP3935TX/V002 issued in April 2011).
  • EnviRecover’s boiler will raise steam at around 4150C and 60 bar pressure. The steam will drive a turbine to generate electricity at 11kV. This will be stepped up via a transformer to export power to the grid at 66kV. It will join the grid at the Stourport – Upton Warren/Redditch North 66kV overhead line some 500 metres south of the Hartlebury Trading Estate.
  • It is expected that the electricity export to the grid will exceed 16MW, after providing for the plants own needs.
  • The total plant complement will be around 50 people, with some 30 employed during normal day-time shifts.
  • Emissions from the plant to atmosphere will be constantly monitored to ensure compliance with emission control limits set through the Environmental Permit. Data will be issued to the Environment Agency and will be available for scrutiny.

More information

Visit the Severn Waste Envirecover Project site for more information.