The A4440 Worcester Southern Link Road Improvements

Railway Bridge Extension Q&A

Why are doing over this bank holiday weekend?

In order to complete the bridge extension a rail closure is needed. These take meticulous planning and conversations about this closure started with Network Rail over 3 years ago. Rail closures tend to happen over bank holiday weekends and school holiday weeks so as to have minimal impact to rail users. Rail closures have a big impact to the network as one of the only options available is to use buses to move people from one station to another to miss the break in the train line which adds a significate amount of time to train journeys.

Why do you need close the road for so long?

The road closure commencing on 24 May will enable the contractor to ensure the site is fully secured and prepared for the initial works to happen on site, ahead of the rail closure during the early hours of Saturday morning. Rail closures are strictly regulated and have to be booked many months in advance at times dictated by Network Rail. The preparation includes the installation of noise barriers, bringing large plant and machinery on to site and preparatory works. This is to ensure that as soon as the railway is closed, the main works to excavate, install and then 'make good' the railway bridge can take place, all of which is time critical to get the railway, and the road, back open at the agreed time.

What's the diversion route?

The diversion route takes traffic down London Road and up Bath Road. A map of the diversion route can be found on our Southern link road webpage.
A different diversion route will be in place for vehicles over 15'9 in height.

How can people reduce the impact to their travel times?

We are advising people to plan ahead and allow extra time for possible delays. Check your route before you leave home and, where possible, find an alternative to re-route before you get to the sign posted diversion route. Planning ahead in this way could save you a lot of time.

Will the footpath be closed?

The footpath between Norton and Whittington roundabouts will be completely closed for the same amount of time as the road closure. An alternative route will be signposted.

Can I come and view any of the progress during the bridge installation at any time?

Unfortunately not. As this is will be a complex and extremely busy live construction site, for safety reasons we are not able to allow members of the public to view from within the site boundary any of the works taking place. However, we aim to make a time-lapse video of the bridge being manoeuvred into place will be available soon after it happens on the County Council's website and also time-lapse of the full works throughout the week.

Where can I find out more information?

Please visit the website for full details

What alternative bus services are being provided by Great Western Railway GWR for rail users?

For up to date information details of bus services to support the rail closure, visit the GWR website