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Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP)

The ROWIP is a strategic assessment of the adequacy of the rights of way network to meet current and future demand (for walking, cycling and riding for recreational or utilitarian purposes) and will provide strategic aims and objectives for the development and management of the network in the future.

Although the ROWIP is focused on public rights of way, it is also concerned with the adequacy of other tracts of land that the public might use to complete their walk, cycle or ride (e.g. canal towpath or public open space) insofar as those tracts of land contribute to a wider network of routes available for walking, cycling or riding.

Worcestershire County Council  published their first Rights of Way Improvement Plan in 2007, which will influence the improvements on footpaths, bridleways and byways for people to walk, ride, or cycle in the County over a 10 years period to 2017 at a strategic level (it will not address individual issues on individual rights of way). The plan is currently under review and the revised document will be available on completion of this review.

There are strong links between the ROWIP and the Local Transport Plan, as the rights of way network can play an important role in providing more sustainable modes of transport for both leisure and utility journeys.

Worcestershire's Rights of Way Improvement Plan now forms one of the sub strategies of Worcestershire's third Local Transport Plan (2011 – 2026).