Flood Risk and Development

Planning plays a fundamentally critical role in flood risk management. New developments can contribute to the management of flood risk. National planning policy has a presumption in favour of sustainable development, therefore flood risk management should be taken into consideration.

To find out if you're planning applications should be accompanied by a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) by visiting the GOV.UK website.

Information on the surface water drainage of the site should accompany every major planning application. It should identify how sustainable drainage system techniques (SUDs) will be used with any obstacles to their use clearly justified. This should include information on the adoption of sewerage infrastructure and arrangements for ownership and maintenance of SuDS for the lifetime of the development. Information can be found on our SuDS page:

The consideration of planning applications is informed by a number of national and local plans, policies and strategies, including:

Worcestershire County Council believes that Neighbourhood Plans are powerful tools to ensure the right type of development is delivered in the right place for your community. If you are planning to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan, visit our Neighbourhood Planning Support Service.