County Strategies

County Climate Change Strategy

In 2003 the Worcestershire Partnership published one of the first partnership Climate Change Strategies in the Country. It was revised in 2008 and the Partnership received national recognition for its work tackling climate change. This strategy covered the period up until 2011. The new Strategy covers 2012 - 2020.

The strategy's aims are to achieve both carbon reduction and resilience to a changing climate across a range of sectors. It sets a vision of a County:

  • making the most of opportunities that a low carbon economy brings
  • resilient to volatile costs of fossil fuels and severe weather
  • where businesses and residents are empowered to take action themselves and the most vulnerable people and assets are protected.

Its aims are to:

  • build Worcestershire's low carbon economy
  • hit tough but critical carbon targets
  • adapt to inevitable climate change
  • empower Worcestershire's communities to take action