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The Online Archaeology Library

Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service (WAAS) has a  library with a comprehensive collection of books, journals and other publications concerning the history and archaeology of Worcestershire.  These include a large collection of 'grey literature' reports produced through the modern development process. These often exist in only a few copies and are, therefore, largely inaccessible to a general audience.

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By using these resources I agree to abide by the terms of the Copyright and Liability Statement and the On-line Library Access Agreement.

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All reports that are produced via the development control process are considered to be within the public domain. However, copyright restrictions (particularly with regard to Ordnance Survey mapping) or the inclusion of confidential or commercially sensitive information means that not all reports can be made freely available over the internet. Other reports have been excluded by request of the copyright holder.  The metadata for reports that cannot be accessed online has been included, but you must visit either our offices or Worcester City to view these reports.

The development of an online library can only be achieved if the organisations that supply data can be assured that their own rights are protected. Consequently, use of the library is covered by a variety of legal instruments to protect us, our users and those who supply data to us.

Terms and Conditions

The terms of use and access to the WAAS on-line library are contained in the following document:

Copyright, and Liability Statement and Online Library Access Agreement

Access to this resource is free of charge. If you have any comments you would like to pass on to us please contact us.

About the Library

The Online Archaeology Library provides a new means of access to the majority of the 'grey literature' reports for Worcestershire and a number of reports for related sites in surrounding counties. It also includes reports from sites within the boundary of Worcester City which are curated by Worcester City Council.

The reports are available as PDF files and you will need Adobe Reader to access them. PDFs of older reports have been produced from photocopies and are, therefore, not of the same quality as the modern digital documents. 

Can't find what you need?

The production of the Online Archaeology Library is an continual process and we upload reports as they become available. If you are searching for a particular report and cannot find it, please contact us.

If you are looking for a report within Worcester City and cannot find it, please contact the Worcester City HER Officer.