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What is a Micro-enterprise?

The Worcestershire Micro-enterprise Project is an exciting initiative delivered in partnership between Worcestershire County Council and Community Catalysts. We are delighted to announce that the original pilot has now been extended for a second year and the project, which aims to stimulate the development and growth of micro-enterprises within the health and social care sector, will offer support across all of the County.

Micro-enterprises are very small local enterprises that provide a range of care and support services. These could include activities that help people to gain a new skill or make new friends, lead a healthy life or enjoy a leisure activity. They are offered by a wide range of people and organisations in the community, including by people who themselves need some support and by family carers. Micro enterprises bring a choice of high quality, small scale, local services to people wherever they live.

A micro-enterprise:

  • Offers services to people who need care or support to live their life
  • Is delivered by local people for other local people
  • Has five or fewer full time equivalent staff or volunteers
  • Is independent of any larger organisation

Community Catalysts nurtures community micro-enterprise

Community Catalysts CIC believes passionately in social inclusion and work hard to harness the talents and imaginations of people and communities. We want people who need care or support to have real choice of imaginative, excellent local options.