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Emergency Plans for Flooding

Many parts of Worcestershire are at risk of flooding, either from surface water flooding (sometimes called 'flash flooding') or from rivers bursting their banks (which is called 'fluvial flooding').

Even if you believe that your home or business is in an area that does not traditionally flood, flooding can occur anywhere so you should still take steps to be prepared (businesses should ensure that they have a business continuity plan in place).

Flood warnings are provided by the Environment Agency and weather alerts and warnings are issued by the Met Office.

Visit the Met Office Flood Warning page.

Help us tackle surface water flooding

The sheer volume of rain that can fall in a short space of time can sometimes make surface water flooding unavoidable. However, we try to make sure that water can drain away from our highways as quickly as possible.

If you know of a road where water drainage is a problem, please let us know by calling the Worcestershire Hub.