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Severn Arts operates an instrument hire scheme, which is available to all pupils engaged in Severn Arts activities. To hire, visit the Instrument Hire page of the Severn Arts website.

Instrument Purchase Scheme

As an education provider and part of the County Council, we are able to offer children and young people access to our Instrument Purchase Scheme. The scheme is only available to pupils who are currently having tuition with Severn Arts.

The scheme offers parents/guardians the opportunity to purchase an instrument at the cost price (excluding VAT).  At present this means that the price of an instrument would be reduced by 20%. Severn Arts charges a £10 administration fee for this service.

How it works:

  • Select the instrument you wish to purchase. The supplier needs to be based in the UK and accept a County Council purchase order; instruments sold on eBay are not acceptable
  • Complete the Instrument Purchase Scheme Application Form and return to Severn Arts with any relevant supplier quotes attached
  • Severn Arts will invoice you directly for the cost of the instrument excluding VAT
  • Once the invoice is paid the instrument can be released.

For further details or a copy of application form call 01905 425611.