Worcestershire Youth Music

Worcestershire Youth Music: Musicians from County Groups and Ensembles

Worcestershire Youth Music (WYM) Documents

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Area Music Centres

Area Music Centres offer children the opportunity to take lessons outside the school day as well as play in ensemble bands. Read more

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Worcestershire Youth Music

Worcestershire Youth Music (WYM) works with over 9,000 children and young people across the county, offering the following services:

  • Small group or individual vocal and instrumental lessons in schools
  • Whole class music projects and workshops
  • The option of lessons after school at our six Area Music Centres
  • Instrument hire
  • A wide range of ensembles, orchestras and bands at all levels
  • Music courses, trips and tours

WYM is the lead organisation of the Worcestershire Music Education Hub, a partnership of local and regional music and performing arts organisations, working together to enhance the quality and breadth of music provision in the county.

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