What help is available in Worcestershire

Information about the Local Offer in Worcestershire

Local Authorities must publish a local offer, setting out in one place, information about provision that is available for children and young people in their area who have Special Educational Needs (SEN) or a disability.

Access Worcestershire's Local Offer

The local offer covers:

  • Support available to all children and young people with SEN or disability from universal services such as early years settings, schools and colleges;
  • Targeted services for children and young people with SEN or disability who require additional short term support over and above that provided routinely as part of universal services;
  • Specialist services for children and young people with SEN or disability

Worcestershire's Local Offer looks for information from Facebook, Yelp, Worcestershire County Council and other sources on the web. Worcestershire County Council will continue to develop this site and welcomes feedback about the information it contains. Feedback can be sent to SENReform@worcestershire.gov.uk

Below you can find information and guidance from national organisations as well as documents produced in Worcestershire. Other pages in the Special Educational Needs section will also be of interest, and will include documents and websites not listed here.

Appearing in the Worcestershire Local Offer Worcestershire County Council guide, produced for organisations about how to appear in the Local Offer.