Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)


The Worcestershire SLCN Pathway provides practical guidance, information and tools for anyone supporting children and young people with speech, language and/or communication needs (SLCN).

What does the Pathway Contain?

  • tools to help you recognise and identify children and young people with SLCN;
  • tools to help practitioners audit current practice and skills;
  • guidance on creating and maintaining a "communication-friendly" environment; 
  • information for parents and carers;
  • tools to promote the active participation and voice of children and their parents or carers;
  • guidance  and links to training and workforce development;
  • a clear route for referral to specialist services;
  • signposts to sources of further information and support.

Who is the SLCN Pathway for:

You will find the SLCN Pathway useful if you are: in an early years setting (including Children's Centres, Childminders, Nurseries, Pre-schools)

  • in a school
  • a parent or carer
  • a health professional
  • a speech and language therapist
  • a member of a support service
  • supporting families
  • anyone with an interest in the development of children's speech, language and communication skills

Access the SLCN Pathway site