Number on School Roll

The Local Authority normally undertakes pupil counts each year in the Autumn and Spring Terms. The Spring Term Pupil Count takes place on the 3rd Thursday after the start of the term in January. Data from the Spring pupil count is used nationally by the Department for Education (DfE) for funding, planning and statistical purposes and this is mirrored by the Local Authority. January numbers are used in Forecasting, Place Planning and for school funding.

Prior to 2001 data was collected at School Level – schools sent back a form called 'Form 7' listing how many pupils they had split by age. From 2002 onwards the paper Form 7 return was replaced by an electronic return that collects data at Pupil Level – this was called the Pupil Level Annual School Census (PLASC) but has subsequently evolved into a more extensive return called the School Census.

The Local Authority receives details of pupils from the electronic database of each school and this is aggregated to provide the Number on Roll Summary.

Download the School Number on Roll Summaries

If you have any queries about pupil numbers or the School Census please contact Mike Parkin, Senior Information & Returns Officer.