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Visual Impairment

How can we help?

Our sensory impairment service is a specialist service that promotes the independence of people with a sight and/or hearing loss. It maintains the register of sensory impaired adults in Worcestershire and supports individuals to maintain or regain independence by providing specialist equipment and/or rehabilitation and mobility training.

The service aims to:

  • assess your individual needs focussing on visual impairment issues
  • provide focussed planning to enable individuals to maintain or regain independence
  • provide specialist equipment
  • provide rehabilitation support to enable individuals to complete daily living tasks independently
  • provide training to include cooking skills and communication skills such as Braille etc
  • provide surroundings awareness and mobility training, indoors and outdoors
  • maintain the register of visually impaired and/or hearing impaired people in Worcestershire
  • provide carers assessments
  • provide adult protection assessments and workflow
  • provide mental capacity assessments
  • identify and refer onto community social work teams for personal budgets or provision of care services
  • provide volunteers to support service users with a dual sensory impairment where there is availability
  • refer on to other appropriate teams or agencies for ongoing support.

Who is eligible for the Visual Impairment Service?

The individual must be:

  • Ordinarily Resident in Worcestershire
  • Be aged 18 or over
  • Agree to the referral being made
  • Meet 'Fair Access to Care Services' criteria
  • Must have a sight loss that cannot be corrected and is diagnosed by a consultant/GP/Optometrist or
  • be Certified/Registered partially sighted/sight impaired or blind/severely sight impaired

How to be referred to the service

You can ask for help yourself or you may ask someone such as a relative, friend or health professional to contact us on your behalf. In the first instance contact should be made with the Adult Duty Team or a Customer Services Advisor at the Access Centre.
Tel: 0845 607 2000