Paying for Care

Information about the financial arrangements which apply if you are eligible for social care services.

Less than £23,250 in Capital

If you have less than £23,250 in capital and are unable to meet the full cost of your care either now or in the future, the Adult Services and Health Directorate will be able to help.

Adult Services and Health may contribute towards the cost of care providing you are eligible for social care services and a financial assessment confirms you have less than £23,250.

In order to decide your weekly contribution, a financial assessment will have to be completed. Precise details of your capital, properties, pensions, benefits and any income as applicable will be taken into account. All contributions are assessed according to procedures issued by the Department of Health.

Over £23,250 in Capital

If your available capital exceeds £23,250, you will pay the full cost of your care and there will be no need for a financial assessment by Adult Services and Health.

If you are not eligible for support from us, or you pay for your own support, you can still request an assessment of your care and support needs.

Request a Care Assessment

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