Promoting Independence

The service will assess your abilities and difficulties with managing activities of daily living, the aim is to help you regain or learn new skills to live your everyday life and stay within your community. It will also give you time to regain confidence in your own abilities and understand what you need to do to stay safe and well.

Promoting Independence is a service that is available to anyone requiring support from social services. Following an initial referral from your GP, the Access Centre, your social worker or a hospital, you will receive an initial assessment to establish if the service will be able to help you retain/regain some of your independence.

The length of time spent with Promoting Independence will be determined by individual progress towards desired outcomes but will not usually last longer than six weeks. During the six-week period, you will have a number of reviews to ensure that the support is fully meeting your individual requirements.

Further Information

Promoting Independence Booklet includes:

    How long does the Promoting Independence service lasts
  • Where you will receive the Promoting Independence service
  • When the service is available
  • How you will be assessed during the Promoting Independence service
  • What happens if you still require some support after your time with the Promoting Independence service
  • Are you eligible to receive the Promoting Independence service
  • If you already receive social care support services; can you use the Promoting Independence service
  • What outcomes are