Care at Home

Care at home (also known as Home Care, Home Support or Domiciliary Care) are services arranged where someone comes into your home to help with practical and personal tasks such as getting up; washing and toileting; organising meals; shopping; collecting pension money.

If you feel that you need help at home and want to ask whether you are eligible for a home care service, please contact our Access Centre.

If you prefer, you can ask someone else, such as a friend, relative or your GP to contact the Access Centre for you.

If you are in hospital at present and feel that you may need help when you leave, speak to a nurse or a social worker at the hospital.

Who can have home care?

Home care is available to people who need help,so that they are able to remain living at home. This may include:

  • older people who are frail or vulnerable;
  • people who have a physical, sensory or learning disability;
  • people who have a physical or mental illness;
  • people who receive regular care from a relative or friend.

Is there a charge for home care?

Adults* who receive a Home Care service arranged through Adult Services and Health generally have to pay a charge towards the cost of the service. The amount you pay will depend on:

  • Whether you have capital (savings and any investments) above a certain amount.
  • Whether you receive any of the following Social Security benefits:
    • Income Support
    • Attendance Allowance (AA)
    • Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
    • Severe Disability Premium (which is part of Income Support)

*Note: There are a few exceptions and Home Care staff will advise individuals where charges can be waived when services are being arranged.

Further Information