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Track your Travel Assistance Application

The Travel Assistance Application Tracker will enable you to view the latest updates on your School or College transport application, online and at a time convenient for you.  You will need an account to login (further details below) and once logged in you will be able to:

  • track the status of transport applications you have submitted (including updates on vacant seats, see the section below for more detail);
  • If eligible for transport assistance:
    • you will be able to see the confirmed route details and bus timetables once allocated;
    • see when your pass has been issued.

The information provided in the tracker is the most current, we are unable to provide any further information than what is displayed.

Can I access the Tracker straight away?

Yes, the tracker is available once you have received your email notification that contains your Education Travel Reference number (EDT...).

How do I access the Education Transport Application Tracker?

Once your account is up and running, you will need the following details to login:

  • Your tracker reference number (you will find this within your confirmation email.  If you have deleted the email then there is a 'Forgotten Your Reference' link on the login screen)
  • Pupil / Student Surname
  • Pupil / Student Date of Birth.

If you have more than one child using Education Transport then you will need to log in separately for each, using the individual reference number.

You can access your account as little or as often as you wish and you can be assured that the most up to date information will be available on the Tracker.

Track your application

How do I register for the Education Transport Application Tracker?

If you applied for transport after December 2014, then you will automatically be registered.  Please see the question below for details on how to access the tracker.

If you applied for transport before December 2014, then you will have been contacted over the summer of 2015 to ask that you register. If you have not yet registered then please register now. If you have more than one child using school or college transport then please submit a separate form for each child.

Register for the tracker