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Forest School Training

Forest School Training Modules

Each module progresses on from the previous one, thereby allowing students to choose to achieve the Level 2 Assistant's Award or Level 3 Leader Certificate. Level 2 students can top up at a later date when they are ready to progress to the higher levels of training. The new modular format results in the same qualification and the same standard of training.  

The training will take place over a number of sequential 2-day training modules, which should be easier for those who work in schools to get time off for training.  In addition, the coursework requirement is split across the modules thereby removing the need to compile a single large portfolio at the end of the training.  Each module has a number of workbooks requiring short written answers to be completed.  This should ensure that students are able to complete their course whilst they are progressing through the training modules. 

The modular course still incorporates assessment of practical skills as well as the crucial leadership assessment where we assess students delivering forest school in their own setting.

We will also be running the original course which entails a five day training week and a three day assessment.


All of our Forest School training courses are accredited through the Open College Network West Midlands Region (OCNWMR).

The Forest School Association can provide further information and support on all aspects of Forest School.

Open College Network West Midlands

Training courses are accredited through the Open College Network West Midlands.