Councillors' Allowances

The Council is required by law to make a Scheme of Allowances for Councillors and to decide the amounts to be paid to them under the Scheme. A copy of the current Scheme is contained in the Council's Constitution.

The Council is also required to establish and maintain an Independent Remuneration Panel which will advise Council on its Scheme. The Council must have regard to the Panel's advice when taking decisions in relation to the nature and level of allowances payable to Councillors.

The Independent Remuneration Panel is Chaired by Professor Michael Clarks and currently comprises the following Independent members:

  • Professor Michael Clarke - Former Vice-Principal of University of Birmingham (Chairman)
  • Leslie Gunde - Public Representative
  • Professor Paul Jackson - University of Birmingham
  • Andrew Manning -Cox - Partner - Wragge & Co LLP
  • Richard Quallington - Chief Executive Community First